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In case you missed it - you can now order previous Genealogy Workshops for a self-paced learning experience and on-demand viewing.  So, if you've missed one of our workshop series or are looking to learn more about the different components of family research, one or more of the courses below could be a great fit for you.

All workshops have been previously recorded.

About our Genealogy Workshops

For several years now, Maryland Public Television has partnered with the Maryland Genealogical Society to offer a variety of beginner-to-intermediate genealogy workshop series.  If you weren't able to participate in our past workshops or weren't yet ready to start your family research, now's your time to catch up on what you missed.

Each workshop features a different component of genealogy research -- take a look at the courses below and add one or more of the workshops that interest you.  Your family does not need Maryland ties to benefit from any of the courses; however, the instructors use Maryland examples in their presentations.

For those who attend the workshops when they were first introduced (see dates below), you received a one-year membership to the Maryland Genealogical Society (MGS) and one of your member benefits is access to all of the previous workshop recordings.  Please reach out to [email protected] for questions about your MGS membership. 

New Spring 2024 Workshop: Finding Your Roots Online.  Join us live for a four-part workshop series about online research resources.  This spring workshop series includes a one-year membership to the Maryland Genealogical Society and Maryland Public Television.  CLICK HERE to learn more and register.

General Questions? Email [email protected]

Past Genealogy Workshops

  • Introduction to Genealogy (Winter 2021)

    Need a more general overview of how to begin your family research? Take a look at our one-hour (crash-course) Introduction to Genealogy workshop. In this workshop, a panel of experienced Maryland genealogists gives tips on how to get started with your family research and provides an overview of both online genealogy sites and Maryland-specific resources. The panel discusses the importance of DNA as a tool and highlights African American research.

    Price $10.00

  • Genealogy 101 (Fall 2021)

    This 4-part workshop series is a beginner's look into genealogy -- covering topics of census records, vital records, Immigration, and African-American research. Each session is about 1 hour and includes supplemental handouts/worksheets. speakers include Chris Haley, Debra Hoffman, David Powell, and John Siemon.

    Price $25.00

  • Uncovering DNA Research (Summer 2022)

    This three-part workshop takes a deep dive into DNA research. The course introduces genetic genealogy and DNA testing, explains what your DNA test results mean, and helps you start to make sense of all the new cousins on your DNA match list. You will learn the value of DNA testing and analysis and how it can be an integral part of your genealogical research. The instructor for this course was Tom McCarriar.

    Price $20.00

  • Finding Your Roots Through Research (Spring 2023)

    Want to start a family research project? This four-part course gives you a step-by-step process for identifying a research question and using various resources to uncover the answers. The instructor for this workshop series was Annette Burke Lyttle. She discussed the topics of introduction to the research process, research planning, executing the research plan, staying organized, and putting it all together with a case study.

    Price $45.00

  • Finding Your Roots Through Records (Fall 2023)

    This four-part series is perfect for anyone looking to take a deeper dive into researching public records, specifically newspapers, federal and state land records, wills and probate records, and military records. The instructor for this workshop series was Annette Burke Lyttle.

    Price $45.00

  • The Total Package (All workshops)

    Want them all? Get instant access to all of our previously recorded Genealogy workshops at a discounted rate. This option includes more than 20 hours of content and all supplemental materials from Intro to Genealogy, Genealogy 101, Uncovering DNA Research, Finding Your Roots Through Research, and Finding Your Roots Through Records.

    Price $110.00


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