Finding Your Roots Through Records
Fall 2023 Series


Thursday, September 14, 2023 @ 7pm
Tuesday, September 26, 2023 @ 7pm
Thursday, October 12, 2023 @ 7pm
Tuesday, October 24, 2023 @ 7pm

All workshops are recorded. 

Registered attendees will have on-demand access to each session within 48-hours after the virtual event.

About the Workshop Series

Maryland Public Television is partnering with the Maryland Genealogical Society to offer another beginner-to-intermediate genealogy workshop series, coming in September. Finding Your Roots Through Records will consist of four (4) two-hour sessions focused on the public records individuals can research in order to find more information about their ancestors. 

Each session will feature a combination of lecture, small and large group discussion, question and answer time, and a homework assignment relating to your family search. Handouts will be provided for each session. The webinars will be recorded and registrants can view the sessions later; however, because this workshop is interactive, we encourage all registrants to attend the live sessions in order to get the most out of the series. 

This series is perfect for anyone looking to take a deeper dive into researching public records, specifically newspapers, federal and state land records, wills and probate records, and military records. Your family does not need Maryland ties to benefit form this course; however, the instructor will use some Maryland examples.

Those who attend will receive: a one-year MPT Passport membership or membership extension, and a one-year membership to the Maryland Genealogical Society (MGS) -- not applicable to current MGS members. 

Questions? Email [email protected]


Part I – Researching Newspapers

Thursday, September 14 at 7pm

Introduction to newspaper research (lecture), Q&A

Finding newspapers online (lecture), Q&A

In-class exercise on newspaper research (small group)

Sharing and discussing results in the larger group, Q&A

Homework: find newspaper articles for two of your ancestors.

Part II – Federal and State Land Records

Tuesday, September 26 at 7pm

Small group sharing of newspaper homework

Sharing and discussing homework in the larger group, Q&A

Introduction to federal and state land records (lecture), Q&A

Finding land records online (lecture), Q&A

Homework: find land records for two of your ancestors

Part III - Wills and Probate Records

Thursday, October 12 at 7pm

Small group sharing of land records homework

Sharing and discussing homework results in the larger group, Q&A

Introduction to wills and probate (lecture), Q&A

Finding wills and probate records online

Homework: find wills and/or probate records for two of your ancestors

Part IV - Military Records

Tuesday, October 24 at 7pm

Small group sharing of probate homework

Sharing and discussing homework in the larger group, Q&A

Introduction to military records (lecture), Q&A

Finding military records online (lecture), Q&A

Homework (on your own): find military records for two of your ancestors


  • All workshop lectures will be recorded. Registered attendees will have access to watch each session on-demand within 48 hours following the live virtual session. Note: small breakout groups are not recorded.

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I understand that my registration is non-refundable. If am unable to attend a session live, I will have access to the recorded event. I also understand that the complimentary Maryland Genealogical Society membership is for new MGS members only. Finally, I understand that any new MPT memberships will take up to 6 weeks to process.


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